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Jan 3, 2013 12:00pm PST
. john boehner was just elected from -- re-elected as house speaker john boehner. nancy pelosi is expected to be re-elected as well. the agenda for the new session is expected to focus largely on issues that re-emerged over the last few -- last few weeks, there are still fiscal issues to tackle after the 11th-hour drama surrounding the fiscal cliff. the debt ceiling and tax code issues are priorities on that front. >>> san francisco police are searching for five armed men wanted in a home invasion robbery early this morning. it happened on 40th avenue in the city's richmond district. claudine wong tells us about the very specific item the robbers demanded from their victims. >> reporter: san francisco police stood outside this building for hours this morning. we watched as they confiscated a kitchen knife left in a planter that residents say was used by one of the suspects in this home invasion. >> i've never had a gun in my face before. >> reporter: the victims didn't want their faces on camera but say it all happened inside the first floor apartment where a group of college stud
Jan 2, 2013 12:00pm PST
party signship ." >> house leaders are set to meet with john boehner to demand a vote today before a new congress is sworn in. >>> and brand-new congressman eric swawell is gearing up for his new job. he represents the 15th congress's district. he was alameda county's district attorney before he unseated pete stark in the november election. he says he can be impatient at times but knows how to harness that to get the job done. >> i'm gonna go back there and work in washington and do the same thing i did which is work with people from both sides of the aisles, republicans and democrats to solve the problems and move the ball forward. >> swalwell says over 150 supporters have made the trip from the bay area to attend his swearing in. >>> also being sworn in tomorrow is democratic representative jarret huffman of marin county. huffman replaces lin woolsey who stepped down. >>> the california highway patrol says it did not see much change in the number of people caught driving under the influence over the new year's holiday. the agency said it arrested 1,273 drivers on dui charges betwee
Dec 28, 2012 12:00pm PST
get video from the high stakes negotiations, harry reid and mitch mcconnell and john boehner and nancy pelosi are joining president obama and the vice-president. the white house insists the president is not putting new offers on the table but there are reports of a compromise to raise tax rates for them. both sides say thar are disappointed. >> it is totally a lack of courage to deal with these issues. from washington to wall street there is a sense of gloom but the prospects of deal. here in dc a new furlough warning went out to federal workers, deep spending cuts and tax hikes go into effect for every 1 on new year's eve if congress doesn't take action. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thanks, if the president and congress are not able to avoid the fiscal cliff experts say people here in california will be hit especially hard because prop 30 voted into law in november will mean higher sales taxes and income taxes on the state's top earners. the fiscal cliff would add to that, hitting all americans with higher taxes. >> i don't know there is a word to describe how pissed t
Dec 27, 2012 12:00pm PST
reid blasted john john boehner, accusing him of inaction, he called on him to round up his colleagues so a deal can be reached. >> john boehner seemed to care more about keeping his speaker s hip than keeping the nation on firm footing. >> a speaker for him said he should legitimate more and talk less about that. major tax cuts will hit by then, the president cut short his vacation in hawaii to resume negotiations. >>> a new survey shows u.s. consumer confidence tumbled as the fiscal cliff nears, the consumer confidence index fell to 65 in december, the lowest level since august, last month it was at 71.5. economists say the decline is due to fears of sharp tax increases and government spending cuts set to take effect next week. barkley is considering a plan to change the face of downtown with the first high rise in that city in 40 years, a los angeles real estate group today submitted and application for the plan which calls for a 17 story luxury apartment complex on harold way by the downtown bart station. the plan includes a rooftop garden, conference center and four levels of unde
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4